Before you contact our support staff about your missing account, please make sure that you are trying to connect to the right server. Some updates to your device or the game itself may revert the server you connect on to default, causing you to create a new account on login.

To change back to your usual server, first you will need to make sure that you have saved the new account properly using the “Save User” option in the in-game settings. After successfully saving the account, the settings menu will then display the option "Change Game Server". Please select this option, fill out your main account’s details and select the server your account is located on.

If you need further help in saving your account, please refer to
this article.

We also need to point out that after a certain time of inactivity, accounts may be deleted automatically or get ruined and removed from the map. For more information on this, we have created
this guide. Please also make sure that this is not the case in your specific situation.

Should neither of the above options apply in your case, feel free to submit a ticket
to our support team so we can investigate further.