While commonly referred to as “account hacks”, these incidents are usually caused by insufficient focus on account security from player side.

We have received some reports about alleged account hacks, however all investigations could in no case confirm this to be caused by a true hack into our system. All reported cases were caused by inadequately chosen passwords or deliberate sharing of account details.

As players are not permitted to access another player’s account, we will investigate these cases and take appropriate action. Please note that this will include penalties against the violating player, but ordinarily we will not restore losses to the victim account. This means that no penalties caused by the violator are removed and no loss of premium currency or in-game items is reversed.

Should someone else currently have access to your game account, please utilize the password renewal request as explained
here. After successfully logging in to your account, remember to change the provided temporary password to a new one, so accessing the account is only possible for yourself.