Extended periods of inactivity may cause an account to become ruined or completely deleted. The time it takes for either process depends on the account level and previously made purchases.

If your account has turned into ruin, it will be removed from the map and is no longer shown to other players.

Players who previously bought any ruby package from our store (excluding payments on Outer Realms and Beyond the Horizon) and left their account inactive will have their castle appear at a new location on the map when the account is logged in to the game again. Any progress in the game will also be maintained, including previously reached levels and any currency (gold or rubies) on the account will still be available.

However, certain parts of obtained in-game progress may be lost, specifically resource villages and outposts. This is necessary to allow active players progression in the game, as these castle additions have limited availability.

If a ruby package has not been previously purchased your progress and items will not remain. This is to ensure map space for players will not be crowded with inactive accounts from players who simply tired of the game.