In order to keep the game fair, you are only allowed to play with the account you created. Using multiple accounts on the same server provides an unfair advantage over other players and will result in actions against any involved accounts, regardless if the accounts in question were all created by the offending party or if access was gained through sharing account details or making them available after selling an account.
Account sharing means that account credentials are made available to other players, allowing them to login to each other’s accounts for setting up defenses, avoiding attacks or buying in-game currencies. Apart from the obvious threat of fraudulent purchases and to your account security, the ability to react to all actions and events in the game is highly unfair towards other players.

Not being online to adjust to an incoming attack can be tough at some points, but your alliance may always come to your aid. However, no noble castle lord has ever won every battle and losing sometimes to a stronger or better prepared opponent is also part of the game.

Since the ownership of the accounts remains with Goodgame Studios and our Terms of Use only allow you to use them for playing, any sale or trade of accounts is void and will not be recognized by our support staff as valid. As such, we will not be able to help in situations where a “seller” is not holding up his end of the deal and we strongly advise to not perform such deals. Should we become aware of an account having been traded, we maintain the right to close the account in question permanently.