If you have visited our support form and have been unable to create a ticket there may be a few reasons for this:
  • If you have tried to include an attachment with your message and cannot send the ticket, try removing the attachment and sending it. Some attachments may be too large or not of a supported file type. You can instead send the attachment by replying to the message you receive from us after sending your ticket.
  • Ensure you have a solid connection to the internet as drops in your connection can cause tickets not to be sent.
  • You may have entered your account details incorrectly, ensure your account details are spelled exactly as they are in-game. If you access the support form from the in-game support button these fields will be filled automatically and so you will not have to double check the details. We highly recommend contacting us through the in-game button!
  • If you have forgotten your account details and cannot login you may be unable to create a ticket. Please check your registered email address for messages form us that may include your account details such as username. If you are still unable to remember your account details or create a new ticket you can get in touch with us via login@goodgamestudios.com but please note, all messages received to this address not related to forgotten account details will be closed with no response. This address is only for those who cannot create a ticket via the recommended methods.
  • If you feel the support form is not working correctly and cannot submit a ticket to inform us feel free to post on the Discord and let us know!