We want everyone to have a great experience while playing our games. To ensure everyone is on the same page about this, we have compiled a few general guidelines for fair play behavior below.

Fair play starts with your own account. This means that you should not pick inappropriate or insulting names for your account or any of your in-game areas. The same rule applies when sending in game messages, as insulting someone via chat or direct messages is not something we like to see in our games, and any confirmed reports of such behavior will result in penalties against the offending account.

We would also like to encourage you to keep your login data safe, so only you can access your account and do not have to worry about unwanted actions. You can find more information regarding the safety of your account here.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend only using the available in-game features for progression. Any use of unauthorized software (commonly referred to as "bots") may lessen your account security and result in penalties as well.