We have recently received many questions and there has been much confusion over some of our in-game offers, most notably account exclusive Prime Time bonus offers and how they are affected by our new subscription packages. Exclusive ruby bonus offers are controlled by an in-game system which randomly activates such offers but can also be affected by factors on your account. As an example, new players will often notice such offers being presented to them early on in the game but the offers become less frequent as players continue to play and add hours to their playtime.

As subscriptions affect accounts in various ways the system can detect this and may then set a longer, but still random timer for the next appearance of an offer but as it takes many factors into account, such as game level and ruby amounts/purchases the offers seen and the time between the next one received will still be different for different players depending on their account and personal in-game situation. There are various kinds of these exclusive offers and of the many categories of exclusive offers the system has to present accounts with only one set of these options is affected while the others are not affected at all, this is due to different offer categories using a different subset of your stats to determine the maximum length of the random timer set on it. 

The system is working as intended and no player has lost out, you will receive the package shown in the store when you make a ruby purchase and you will receive the rewards for any active offer at the time of a purchase. We run many offers on a daily basis and create the contents of them based on your needs and feedback, the running events and the things you all enjoy and we have tried to carry this over to our new subscription packages by providing you with helpful boosts, time reductions and other stat changes to your account that will provide you with an extra edge and more options in how you want to play. We hope they will encourage some glorious battles, wonderful war tales and plenty of loot for your coffers!