I see values displayed in-game, which seem to be incorrect, what can I do?

A good old refresh (F5 key on your keyboard) does the job in those cases and should solve this issue. If wrong values are still displayed and you think you are missing products or any other tools, items, etc., please contact support and report your loss.

How do I play Empire?

You can play Empire in the same way as usual, just visit https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ (you can bookmark this link too so it’s always easy to find) and login to your existing account or register a new one if you haven’t yet. Please do not use any other link to access the game as this may result in errors or inability to connect/play.

What about the standalone Flash player I used to use?

It’s true that in the past we gave advice on how to play the game using a standalone Flash player, which some have been using for a while now. Since HTML5 and Flash are not compatible technologies this will no longer be possible. If you have previously been using the Flash player, please stop attempting to connect via this app or any other URL than https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ as it will not work or allow you to play any longer.

Can I still access the Flash version?

You’d indeed be able to access the Flash version for a couple of days via the specific URL: https://www.empire.goodgamestudios.com/flash. Through this URL you’d also be able to access the game by using the standalone player as well. Keeping the Flash version available for a few more days after our switch to HTML5 will give you a bit more time for your own transition to our new Empire HTML5 version!

What will happen with my account?

Nothing! That is, we won’t be making any changes to your account and you can still access the game with your old account and continue to play with that account in the HTML5 version. It couldn’t be easier!

Will my login details still work?

Your login details will still be valid and you can log in as usual. Please make sure to have your password available and register your email address by collecting the in-game welcome gift as this will ensure you are always able to change your password without our assistance if you need to do so.

What will happen to my game progress?

Your castle will remain in the pristine condition you remember it (so long as you left it in a pristine condition!). Nothing will change here and progress will not be lost.

I forgot my password! How can I login again?

If you have forgotten your password and registered with an email address, you can easily retrieve a new password through the “Forgot password?” icon on the login page.Just click on it and a new box will appear asking for your registered email address. Type it in, click the green button and you will be sent an email with instructions on changing your password. Please also check your spam folder since sometimes our emails can get caught in there. If you didn't register with an email address, please contact our support with your correct username and a valid email address we can contact you on. You can find our support here.

I don’t know my account login details! What can I do now?

If you can´t remember your login details, don´t panic! If you registered your account with an email address, you can retrieve your password through the “Forgot password?” button. The email you receive will also clearly display your username. You can also check other emails we have sent you, such as the email with the welcome gift for registering for the game. It is important that you recall your login details as our support team cannot help unless an account can be located, so please ensure you write your details down somewhere safe for your reference.

My account is blocked/banned! What can I do?

If your account has been blocked or banned, indicated by a message appearing stating as such when you attempt to login, you can contact our support department for more information and assistance by clicking here.

How do I shorten a link in order to post it in the ingame chat?

Link shortening services are very common, especially if you are a Twitter user for example. While a Google search will bring up a few results, the Empire team recommends using the bitly link shortener service. This allows you to paste links which are much, much shorter than the full length version and save space in the chat box or messages. You can get to Google link shortener by clicking here or typing ‘bitly.com’ into your browser. Then simply paste the link you want to shorten and click the ‘Shorten’ button to get a nice and compact version of your link to paste where you like.

Can I play Empire on my mobile device?

Since innovation and progress are always going along with big changes on a couple of levels, as well as with iterations of what’s been previously known and used, the process that this entices is sometimes a more difficult endeavor. Yet as Flash will be running out in the not so distant future and with HTML5 becoming our new standard for Empire, we’d also like to keep on providing you with the opportunity to play our HTML5 version of the game on your mobile devices as well. Even though the game itself is still targeted at PC devices and any errors resulting from playing on a mobile device cannot be accounted for, we’ll still add a so called gesture control for HTML5, which should enable you to play the HTML5 version of our game on mobile as well!