In the Webshop you can find packages available which include many useful in-game items. From troops to tools, event specific boosters and Relic Equipment, you are bound to find a package tailored to your specific needs at any given moment!

The Webshop can be accessed via the button near your alliance chat as highlighted below:

Inside the Webshop there are a number of different tabs:

Super Sale

Here you can find all of your event specific packages. These normally include boosters and powerful event specific tools to help you progress through the events. Additionally you will find limited time offers here including Construction Item packages and Relic Equipment, as well as the much sought after Affluence Tickets!

The Super Sale packages are often updated and it is worth keeping an eye out for new exciting offers!

Benefit Bundles

In the second tab you can find the currently available Benefit Bundles; this section is your one stop shop for all your offensive and defensive needs. We are offering a wide variety of package sizes designed to help you turn the tide of any war in your direction!


The final tab is for redeeming vouchers that you may have obtained. For the time being this is still a work in progress so please keep an eye on the forums for news relating to this section of the WebShop!

** NOTE: You many need to disable your pop up blocker in order to open the Webshop **