Prime Time is an offer which will provide you with extra rubies for your purchase as a percentage. When purchasing during one of these offers you will receive your originally selected package in addition to the percentage shown. For example, if the offer is a 100% offer and you were to purchase 15,000 rubies you would receive 30,000 rubies in total (15,000 + 100%). Offers like this will pop up on your screen from time-to-time but will also appear as small badges around the screen in case you are not ready to accept the offer when it pops up initially. 

Each offer will also display a timer/bar to let you know when it will run out, both on the offer screen that pops up and when you go to make a purchase in the store, right at the top.

Please also note that the packages shown display the total amount of rubies you will gain. In the above example the first package credits 6,500 rubies, this is the total amount that will be credited after the bonus percentage has already been applied meaning you would not receive more than the amount shown in the store.

Private Prime Time
Occasionally you will be presented with a private offer for extra rubies. This is known as a Private Prime Time and is exclusive to your account. These are a little more rare and so it's good to take advantage of them when they appear. These work in exactly the same fashion as a normal Prime Time offer but are exclusive to your account only and not offered to other players at the same time. The badge and offer screen look a little different but the offer functions in the exact same way and provides an extra percentage on top of the package you have purchased.

Note the words "Exclusive to" in the offer meaning it is a private offer

As previously stated the store will display the total amount of rubies including the bonus percentage in the offer and a timer/bar will be displayed in both the store and on the offer itself.

Alliance Prime Time
This offer works slightly differently to the previous ones. Instead of your own account receiving the bonus rubies the bonus will instead be applied to your alliance's funds. For example, if you were to purchase 6,500 rubies while this offer is active you would receive 6,500 rubies and your alliance would also receive 6,500 rubies but no extra rubies will be added to your personal account. Once again the offer window looks slightly different to let you know that the bonus is for the alliance:

In case that Alliance Prime Times and other offers are active together at the same time, they can be used in conjunction. If you availed of such offers and did not receive both, please get in touch with our support team.