Purchasing gold in Big Farm couldn't be simpler!

1. Login to your account and locate the gold purchasing button on top of the screen where your account details and current amount of gold are

2. Next you will be presented with the gold store, from here you can select your package and payment option then hit the 'checkout' button. Please bear in mind that some packages are not available with certain payment methods but the package will be greyed out to indicate this. From here you will be redirected to the payment method of your choice and asked to enter the necessary payment details. After your payment is confirmed you will be sent a confirmation email for the purchase by us and possibly your payment provider as well.

Please note that the packages often display a percentage, highlighted in red. This percentage does not refer to a bonus you will receive but instead indicates the percentage saved in comparison to buying the smallest gold package multiple times to receive that amount and so you will not receive more gold than what is shown in the package.