Our games use a language filter in order to promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all our players. We are proud to offer games which are capable of gathering together different generations and cultures. We therefore feel compelled to protect our players, especially those who might be more impressionable, with an inappropriate language filter.

Our system is able to identify bad words contained in normal everyday words (e.g. "class"). We are constantly improving the filter, with these kinds of words being identified and added as exceptions which will not cause problems. 

Unfortunately, not all the words which are wrongly considered as ‘bad’ have been identified yet, causing some texts to be incorrectly flagged as inappropriate. We strongly recommend that you review your text and try to pinpoint any words that may be causing a conflict, or simply rephrase your sentence.

It might also be helpful to remember that email addresses and website links will also cause the language filter to give an error message, so please try to not include these in your text.

If you are not using any email addresses or website links and your message is still getting rejected then please contact us so that we can review the particulars further.