Your account security is important!

We have received a lot of reports lately concerning "hacked" or "hijacked" accounts. Since it is not possible to "hack" our game or servers at all, it all comes back to the end-user. That is why we want to provide some security tips to help you out in Empire: Four Kingdoms and far beyond!

How can you protect yourself, what measures should you take, what should be trusted and what should be reported immediately?

  • Choose a SECURE password:

DO NOT USE simple passwords, e.g. "qwerty", "password", "123456", your nickname or the like!
A secure password consists of no correct words, but of letters, numbers, and characters: e.g. "7PN ps7F." and contains at least 8 characters. Even a password like this "D9cfNeVG" increase the security of your account massively! We suggest using a random password generator.

  • Keep your password private:

Do not share your password with anyone, under any circumstance! Doing so seriously compromises the security of your account.

  • Your email address:
Always provide a valid email address for your account. A valid email address is a security to get your password back if you forgot it, or a stranger has changed your password in the game. In addition, each account can be assigned to the support via the email address. Also, pay attention to the security of your email account. Do not use the same password for your email address as for your game account!

  • Be suspicious!

If a player offers you to cheat rubies or coins: CAUTION! This is not possible. The player just wants to steal your password and your account. Keep these messages in the mailbox, make a screenshot of this message and send them to the game support in an email ticket. The support will respond to your message as soon as possible. Only then can you delete the message from the mailbox.

  • External links to untrustworthy websites, videos, apps, scripts, etc.

If someone sends you a link to an unknown page, do not visit the website directly. It could contain viruses and other malware for your device. Make sure the website is safe. After this: Never enter your account information (username, password) on other websites!

Do not download ominous apps from the internet to your device. You can not cheat free rubies or coins! Those people only want to steal your password, and thus steal your account! It ends up being empty and you do not get what you were promised.

Do not give cheaters a chance and do not fall for these dubious offers. Report untrustworthy messages and do not be pressured. Regularly changes your password, uses combinations of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, and uses an e-mail address registered to you.

Keep it safe,
Your Goodgame Studios Community-Team