Speed/ performance issues: If you are using Edge, please try switching to Chrome, Firefox or Opera. You can also read some general troubleshooting tips for speed issues below in our guide. We are working on speed and performance improvements and hope to improve this for our users.

Font visibility issues/blurry graphics: Reports are coming in from players about the size of fonts and readability issues due to blurry fonts, as well as blurry graphics. You can try to increase the browser zoom level a little (Windows:Ctrl + and Ctrl -, Mac: ⌘ + and ⌘ -) but we are working in resolving readability and blur problems.

Touchscreen navigation: Users on touchscreen devices (including touchscreen PC/laptops and mobile devices) are unable to scroll around the farm. Although we do not directly support touch screen devices on Big Farm we are considering if and how we can do anything to resolve this.